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UK energy policy since the 2008 Energy Act through to July 2015 has been built around reducing CO emissions rather than security of supply or cost.In 2010-11 the price of renewable energy certificates doubled the price or electricity from those sources – an increasing proportion, including imports – more than one-quarter.Per capita UK electricity consumption was about 4650 k Wh in 2015.In 2015, 45% of the UK's gas was from domestic production, primarily in the North Sea.

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They then take large amounts of money out of your account.

Hence energy poverty is an issue in the UK (as elsewhere), and in the winter of 2012-13 some 31,000 excess deaths – mostly people over 75 – were reported by the Office of National Statistics, the highest figure since 2008.

Since wind is intermittent, it displaces CCGT power and compromises the economics of that.

Scammers tend to cold-call the over-55s offering high-yielding (but unregulated) investments like wine, land, carbon credits, gold or diamonds.

These scammers often seem believable because they know a lot about you and build a ‘friendly’ relationship with you. Don’t let feelings of embarrassment stop you from reporting a scam.

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