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SK carries her to a nearby couch and the interrogation begins, with Pandora defiantly refusing to give him the bank account access codes.He repeatedly knocks her out, carries her (indulging in his own tastes), rag dolls her limp form, and repeats the question…almost relishing each time she refuses to answer.Their boss is impressed by Coco’s voracity, but in order to get her out of the VR program, he has to perform a final POV neck snap that ends the session, leaving two broken beauties piled up on a bed as the camera fades to black…

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This movie contains strangulation deaths, side neck scissor choke deaths, garrote death, foot strangulation, face-down neck scissor death, sleeper hold choke death, death stares, tongue protrusions We fade in on expert cat burglar Pandora, relaxing at home and making a phone call to her boss after a VERY successful heist.Agents Velvets and Coco have been equipped with the task of training in a virtual reality program to test their skills against one another in a ‘no weapons/bare hands only’ rules contest.The agents comply, and the program begins…but Jacquelyn is way too fast for her rookie opponent.Writers' World -A forum for the authors of to gather together and help each other out.There are games to play, discussions to join, and helpful tips to get you on your way to becoming a wonderful author. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction.

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