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A type of fine, pale grey porcelainous stoneware that is hard, dense and sometimes translucent.

Developed by John and William Turner in 1800, it was reintroduced and popularised by Miles Mason and Josiah Spode around 1812.

Course and opaque ceramic ware which is fired at a relatively low temperature.

Posset was a drink / remedy made from warm milk curdled with ale or wine and flavoured with sugar and spices.Glazes may be clear, opaque or coloured to various degrees.The familiar densely uniform stone ware in solid colours ornamented in a contrasting hue was Josiah Wedgwood's most important contribution to ceramic art.The use of spurs can leave small spots on the surface of the plate.Usually three sets of three spur marks can be found on the underside of the rim and a single spur mark can be found on the upper side of the rim.

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