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So in Django projects you should not see long sections duplicated over and over.The “class based views” we are going to use is one good improvement to this, and the template inheritance system is another way you will not repeat yourself.The Pip can also be used for advanced dependency management. Optionally, you can specify the version of Python to use to run your application on Heroku.For more information, see Supported Python Runtimes.You can then build your apps in your projects in a way that you can mix them around and reuse them in other projects.One of the most important parts is that you should not write the same code over and over again.In this tutorial, you will create a project, and then an application in that project.Django is built in a way that you will also be able to use third party applications inside your project, and you will in most cases start with a couple of Django applications.

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As Python, it is Free software, licenced under the BSD license, and it has lots of documentation and a large community.

) from .const import ( USER_PERMISSIONS, ADD_USER ) @has_perm(ADD_USER) def my_example(): choices = USER_PERMISSIONS ....

file to document that your app has no dependencies.

Heroku supports all types of Python applications, including Django applications.

The Configuring Django Apps for Heroku article describes this in detail and explains how to use the Heroku Django Starter Template which is strongly recommended for getting started with Django on Heroku.

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