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list of Anime Song Countdowns used as reference: Animax Anison Top 500 (2007) ( So if this sounds enticing, let me know and maybe we can work some sort of system to run this event. Yu Yu Hakusho OP - hohoemi no bakudan P-MMq Ov RQvo Gundam SEED 2nd Movie ED - Akatsuki no Kuruma -OHp QFw4DJE Yatterman OP (Classic Version) DK5Ap_BC1f8 Revolutionary Girl Utena OP - Rinbu Revolution HL25C0H9v Vw If you look at the variety(different versions) Lupin the 3rd will probably be at the top.

If anyone can help me remedy the situation, like do I need spoiler tags for the sound to work along with the video?

- I usually visit to find out the song's rating, especially if it is relatively new. At this point, I'd be more than willing to help run it if there is sufficient interest in such a project.

Of course, not any anime song will do, that's why I'm looking at anime sites polls and awards for basis and not merely my own personal taste. CRITERIA: As suggested by Varaxis, I'm listing the standards of what songs may be considered in the Hall of Fame. Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" was a hit in 1983 and used in the Speed Grapher in 2005. vid=sm1918814) CDTV's 100 Anime OP/ED Singles Sales of 2008 Pt. Also Minmay's Ai Oboeteimasuka, the song that made me cry watching an anime for the first time, its one of the most beautiful songs ever. v=PHfd4-Mo Hfk) by Naomi Tamura - Magic Knight Rayearth opening. v=1Qdt EXex Kns) by Megumi Hayashibara - Slayers opening. v=Ff7ouw RO0EI) by Etsuko Nishio - Ranma 1/2 opening. v=f Lb1W0GIJI8) by Iwasaki Yoshimi - Touch opening. v=d5Z8Lzq PK9Q) by Emily Bindiger/Yuji Kajiura - .hack//SIGN insert song. v=Fp6QS8ZCAb U) by Elisa - ef - A Tale of Memories opening. v=CSwjqoif RVE) by Wada Kanako - Kimagure Orange Road ending. v=py Wx Fit U5v Q) (Chiaki Ishikawa) Busou Renkin OP - Makka na Chikai ( Hopefully, when I'm done posting a thousand songs (probably a couple of years from now), I'll post a ranked list of the greatest anime songs based on your recommendations and other lists and polls. Mazinger Z is definitely one of the greatest songs ever, when I heard Aniki sing it live, I could feel the mecha spirit in his powerful voice. v=ld Ru Ty K0Wy Y) (Koji Wada) Laputa Theme Song - Carrying You ( v=pt2vy Ar5s3g) (Mikuni Shimokawa) Bokurano OP - Uninstall (My main source of such information is at & wikipedia. FMA and Bleach come to mind with a bunch of theirs. Well, this thread certainly seems to have garnered quite a bit of interest.- I visit the other threads in Anime Suki Forum for songs to consider, particularly the "Favourite Opening/Ending" thread. I'm wondering if people are interested in running a sort of "Song of the Week" event as a way to get people hooked on anime music.

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