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"Euthanasia," in Laqueur, Walter, ed, The Holocaust Encyclopedia, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2001, pp.

Code-named "Operation T4" for the Berlin street address (Tiergarten 4) of its headquarters, the euthanasia program targeted mentally and physically disabled patients, a population that the Nazis considered "life unworthy of living" (lebensunwertes Leben).

Physicians in the T-4 program reviewed each case and determined which patients were "useless eaters" who were "unworthy of life." These patients were then marked by sanitorium personnel to be later transported by special buses to gassing facilities such as Grafeneck and Hartheim.

Kaufbeuren-Irsee became a transfer point for patients from all over Germany destined for these Euthanasia centers.

In 1939-40, he became a member of the committee formed to bring all psychiatric institutions into the T-4 registration program.

Under this program, a form for each psychiatric patient in German institutions had to be filled out and sent to Berlin.

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