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Years later, both families returned to Tehran where her parents met and were married.

Rosie has a younger sister, Monica, who works very closely with her on most of her projects. Jesse Malek-Yonan Rosie Malek-Yonan is a classically trained pianist, composer, actress, director, writer, documentary filmmaker and activist.

Geogtapa was the largest Assyrian Christian village in the region and much of it belonged to the Malek-Yonan family with the oldest plot in the family graveyard dating back to 1,100 CE.

The Malek-Yonan family fled to Mesopotamia where her father was born in Baghdad, while Rosie's maternal grandmother fled to Russia where her mother was born in Rostov.of the 109th Congress on religious freedom regarding the genocide, massacres and persecution of Assyrians in Iraq since the beginning of the 2003 Iraq War.Reading from her epic and historical book, she compared the Assyrian Genocide of 1914-1918, as depicted in The Crimson Field, (R-NJ) to travel to war-torn Iraq to witness matters for himself. One year later, a Congressional appropriations subcommittee voted to send million to aid the Assyrians in Iraq.The tale has been recounted in numerous Assyrian and Russian books.The Aslee and Karam Opera was composed in 1912 by the Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov.

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