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“There’s going to be extra patrols, as requested for the officers [to] make sure the people are staying off of people’s property,” Farrell said.

Though the game has caused a quick, negative reputation for itself, safe players have been known to make friends from playing the game and enjoying this experience.

The information evaluated included three years of campus crime reports and five years of data pertaining to drug and alcohol incidents.

The website also specifically looked at hate crimes and did an analysis of crimes reported under the Violence Against Women Act (domestic and dating violence, stalking and sexual assault).

When one applicant was asked by the New York Times how she felt about the virginity requirement, she replied, “Isn’t the purpose of saving our virginity: to get a good price?

” Carol Huang of wrote: Young Chinese women in swishy dresses and strappy sandals sit in a row clutching forms that list their weight and measurements as they wait for an interview with the "appearance consultant".

After studying those numbers, College Choice concluded the statistics at NIU painted a picture of a safe campus.

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It’s the app of the moment, but what happens after you’ve caught them all?

“With self-defense classes, late night transportation services, 24/7 patrol and a police department that staffs over 50 officers who are medically trained and have advanced law enforcement experience, safety at Northern Illinois University is a constant priority,” the college-information website noted in its NIU safety synopsis.

“Further, the school provides its students an array of advocacy services that cover everything from health to Greek life.”welcomed the news, saying it validated efforts across the campus to ensure the well-being of students.

Local De Kalb police officers are keeping the city safe by talking to people playing the game, making sure they are paying attention while crossing the street and staying off private property.

De Kalb Police Sergeant Scott Farrell said there have been occasional city wide complaints of trespassing during Pokemon Go gameplay.

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