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: P and an opportunity for male users to approach more ubuntu girls!ihihihi I personally like Phasic Phoenix, referring to the constant change and development, and no doubt 12.04 will be a major step forward, so it's the bird rising from the ashes!Similar to Lucid in definition and spelling, the perfect follow up from one LTS to another. 12.04: Placid Panda - Placid is definitely corresponding to the spirit of a LTS release.Python: Quoted from a post below "Python is a powerful and open-source programming language. Python and Penguin are too obvious and geeky choices.Panda is a freaking cool animal and is also quite placid, a perfect match.

Note: I agree that choosing Python or (worst) Penguin would be bad. A name should somehow identify the peculiarities of Ubuntu, it shouldn't make Ubuntu appear like.. Among the animal suggestions, I fear that A) penguin is just to panderingly obvious, and I agree with some who opine that Ubuntu is more about the platform as whole, B ) parrot just brings up the accusations of Canonical "aping Apple" and C) python is almost too obvious like penguin for the programming language association.I think it has quite a nice ring to it too I like "Peaceful Parrot" One definition of peace is (freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.; tranquillity; serenity.) that describes Ubuntu well....Not annoying, but beatifully colored Poetic Pony, or indeed anything at all ending in Pony, I have been promised, would result in my girlfriend defaulting to Ubuntu rather than only occasionally going in when her Windows install breaks down. " and thus can raise awareness of the animal and its circumstances.There aren't many good, short O-adjectives, are there? The Puma is a good representation of what we know Ubuntu to be. After some daydreaming Ubuntu must get its feet back on the ground for an LTS release."Orthogenic", according to my dictionary, means "promotes proper development". Okapi because it is a truly extraordinary, beautiful animal that has only recently been discovered by humans and 11.10 could be the release that lets everyone know about Ubuntu 11.10: Organized Orca. Furthermore, a quote from Wikipedia about orcas: "Killer whales are highly social; some populations are composed of matrilineal family groups which are the most stable of any animal species." 12.04 Pangrammatic Penguin Pangrammatic coming from pangram, a sentence containing all the letters in the alphabet. Sleek, elegant, and beautiful; while light on its feet and fast. I like this animal because it represents in its qualities the same qualities that have the ubuntu family! A dapper drake, a hardy heron and a lucid lynx share style and solidity.

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