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I have a friend who is seeing a guy who says “cold slaw” instead of “coleslaw,” so you just know that relationship is going nowhere.

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More → My parents gave me my name for no reason other than they heard it somewhere and said, "Yep, that’ll do." But if you’re a fictional character, there’s a good chance your name is so symbolic and meaningful it may as well be Remus Mc Secret Werewolf.

More → A dad joke is any joke that’s so terrible it elicits groans and ruins lives.

It need not originate from a dad, per se, but the common cultural understanding is that most of them do.

You’ll find them in wedding speeches, rogue Facebook comments, and conversations in line More → This slideshow is a perfect storm of Shakespeare and memes—basically, it's everything you've ever wanted.

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People are imperfect, even those striving to be as honorable as possible. The difference in how a mistake affects corporate image and employee moral depends heavily on how management addresses those errors. I am currently in a marketing class and I find the simplicity of your definitions and the ease with which you convey the ideas and terms of marketing to be very helpful.

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