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Everything on the deep net is very home-made looking and lo-fi.Why have you chosen to work with sound and how do you like it?, was performed earlier this week at The Serpentine.The event, in the Zaha Hadid-designed Magazine restaurant building involved an ambient, bleepy musical collaboration with her brother Sam (part of the experimental “drone pop” scene in the ‘90s), as well as projections of online chats and internet searches for illegal drugs, guns and passports on the deep web.The space was framed by three of her wall paintings and covered by a vast, paint-splattered floor fabric.We caught up with Celia to find out about the performance, plus her new strap-on, painting penis Vs. The Fiorucci performance in 2014 was the first formal iteration of what me and Sam did at the Serpentine.We think it’s going to involve a film with found footage and audio from chat rooms. Through the way you touch the surface – because you’re really touching it with your hand – like dance in a way.And we also talked about filming landscapes and building sites with a musical sound track we will write together, possibly an animation too – it’s just at the beginning stages at the moment. There’s this painting by Manet of a ham which I saw when I was 14-years-old that stopped me in my tracks.

I love when a penis has got weight, or balls have got weight.And it is also practical – there are millions of images that I can flip through until I find one I want to paint. I don’t know about that – the conversation in art is often between such a small group of people from privilege. I did this little interview in GQ recently and it’s quite an old-fashioned magazine – they have categories on their homepage, which go something like ‘cars, watches, girls, sport, culture.’ It’s funny. It was a very memorable experience because he is such a strong character. It’s the first time it’s happening in the UK, but it’s happened previously in Paris and other places.But I like the idea that the work then might get to a demographic I wouldn’t normally reach. He was great performer, spreading his cheeks, saying, “Yeah, what do you want? They get an institution to host it, so this year the ICA is hosting it, and it will be in all different buildings and spaces around that area – apartments, shops, a church etc. There’s an incredible line up – Laure Prouvost, Jennifer West, Joan Jonas, Nina Beier, loads more.I think if there is a difference it’s more to do with how much I know a person and the chemistry between me and the person I’m painting.Perhaps because I have a vagina I approach a vagina painting with a different kind of curiosity.

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