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Confident teenagers can avoid people and situations that aren’t necessarily right for them, and to find those that are.If your child is confident, he’s more likely to be assertive, positive, engaged, enthusiastic and persistent.So you could suggest to your child that he makes eye contact with others, is bold, does what he loves, tries not to focus on what he can’t do, and walks away from situations he knows aren’t good.Practise social skills If your child feels anxious in social situations, she might need some guidance from you.During adolescence, physical changes can also affect teenagers’ confidence.If teenagers feel self-conscious about their bodies, it can affect their confidence overall and how they feel about themselves.You could also suggest some ideas about what he could do differently next time.Your teenager still needs a strong relationship with you to feel confident as she meets the challenges of adolescence.

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Be practical Look for the practical and positive things your child can do to build skills and increase her chances of success.For example, you could talk to your child about what you’re going to do to try to succeed at a task.If it doesn’t work out, you can model resilience by talking about what you’re going to try next time.You can build this strong relationship by working on open communication and staying connected.Your child’s confidence might be at risk if you, he or other people he respects focus on his outcomes rather than his efforts.

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