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Secondly, these agencies are by no means omniscient, as they depend on the very same technologies that they attempt to exploit.

Sure, they might have access to supercomputers, but even those still can’t crack a good encryption or open a bitcoin wallet without the password.

The NSA has also made the job of hacking security devices easier for itself, by coercing many manufacturers into building vulnerabilities into products such as networking switches, firewalls, and encryption protocols.

These vulnerabilities are known to the NSA, which can exploit them at any time.

(Consider those rooms that are full of intimidating computers, making it look like their in-house hacking staff has your profile on screen as we speak — and they’re sending a strike team to reprimand you for that Facebook comment).

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'The United States must make it clear that no country should be granting this individual asylum.

Technology is already confusing, but sometimes it can just get downright daunting.

Especially these days, between the little microphones in TVs and the GPS in our smartphones, it’s easy to feel like there’s just no possibility of getting a little privacy. First, Hollywood’s portrayal of tech/spy agencies is bogus.

This is a matter of extraordinary consequence to American intelligence.''Number two, he lied because he thinks he's smarter and has a higher morality than the rest of us...

that he can see clearer than other 299-million 999-thousand 999 of us, and therefore he can do what he wants. He added: ‘I believe the leaker has done extreme damage to the US and to our intelligence operations.’Mr Snowden had been working at the NSA for the past four years as an employee of defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton after working for the CIA as a technical assistant, specialising in computer security.

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