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No matter how much approval a person gets elsewhere, the desire to get it from their parents never dulls.

The work a disowned person needs to do lies within themselves – building a new foundation since the one they were built on was unapologetically removed.

Increasingly, marriage is viewed as something that’s broken and that just doesn’t work for today’s generation, so, as research indicates, one-fourth of Millennials are likely to never marry.

Those who do marry have divorce as an escape route and, sadly, many will choose to use it.

This is often amplified by others reaction to their melancholy in social situations.

Even the most well meaning friend cannot understand the hollow feeling that resides in one’s gut when they are disowned.

People who have lost the ability to share their history feel isolated, alone, and misunderstood.

Sex, which has traditionally been viewed as exclusively for married couples, has been cheapened to the point where “one-night stands” with relative strangers are acceptable and in many cases expected.

Homosexual relations and multiple partners are no longer frowned upon by the culture, and polyamory—basically adultery with consent from your partner—is on the rise.

Additionally, it may feel like a lie to re-live the good memories because now the memories feel invalid and false – shallow in comparison to being let go by those you needed most.

A loss of history is a loss of who you are and what made you – you.

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