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However, if she's testing you (which is likely), outright denying it will stir up its own "yes she was!I was enjoying our conversation way too much to notice either way ;)." "If I try to make plans with a girl and she gives me the 'Yeah, maybe,'" says Michael, 27, "I can't tell if she's working out scheduling logistics, or 'maybe' she doesn’t want to commit to the plans yet." While I understand Michael's confusion, here's a woman's perspective: the "Yeah, maybe" text -- which can also come in the form of "I'll let you know” -- is a deflection mechanism used when she feels too bad to outright turn you down.There are many plausible routes to take your answer -- though some are more treacherous than others.Well played, Robert -- presumptuously extending her an invite to your buddy's party can also result in a shutdown if she already has plans with her girls and is just blipping your radar for a booty call later on.

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