Who is sarah brightman dating

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Beside attending Ballet lessons, Brightman was also a keen listener to music.There was a balance between pop and classical in her play list, which later on would become a distinctive trademark to determine her genre.

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She is not a very tall woman, but has got a very average height.She was born in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England into a middle class family where her father was a businessman named Grenville Geoffrey Brightman and her mother was Paula Brightman.She was born as the oldest of 6 children and from the age of 3 began to learn dance as well as keyboard in order to perform in local occasions as well as her school events.She measures a 166 cm tall, which is 5 feet and 6 inches; an average height for a woman.Sarah is a very beautiful woman, who has got bright and beautiful face with her big brown eyes, attractive smile and a hot pair of lips.

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